Our customers have the right of withdrawal without any justification within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the products to them.

a. Return Policy

a.1. The billing date of the product should not exceed 14 days.

a.2. The product must not be used for any other purpose than for trial use.

a.3. The product, product box and other accessories must not been damaged.

a.4. The product is expected to be shipped completely with all accessories and invoices.

b. Exchange Policy

b.1. We accept your exchange requests for products originating from the production defect.

b.2. We accept your requests for change during damage and deformation in the course of cargo carriage.

c. Cases Not Including The Right To Withdraw

c.1. Return or exchange of personalized products is not acceptable.

c.2. Return or exchange is not accepted in the event of damage due to user error or damage to the product or accessories.

c.3. In case of incomplete sending of all accessories of the product and product, return and exchange are not acceptable.

We reserve the right to legally refuse your package and / or refund if your request for refund or exchange does not comply with the terms of Portalusso's policies.

D. Return / Exchange Address and Fee

d.1. In the event of damage during transportation, the products you will send for replacement should be shipped to us by the shipping company to which you have sent you your product. Your products sent by other companies will not be considered for change. Please send us your packages by means of UPS Express.

Note: In case of returning or exchanging products other than those mentioned in item d.1., the shipping fee belongs to your party.

We ask that you send your packages to the following address for return and exchange:

Klen Distribution Center

Address: Abdurrahman Mahallesi Sehit Emniyet Muduru Ertan Nezihi Turan Caddesi Yasar Atli Plaza No:7/43 22100, Edirne/Turkey

Ph: +90 (284) 2130003

E-mail: online(at)klen.com.tr